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Here I'd like to present some results of my work. The documentation of hardware is created by OrCad 386 software. All files are packed by pkzip compression utility and consist of schematic, schematic part library, Printed Circuit Board and some additional files, like a software for used processor or PC software, both with source code.

Documentations and tips

PC KeyboardPC keyboard Description of communication between PC and keyboard.

PC mousePC mouse Description of communication between mouse and PC.

Printed board circutsOrCAD 386 and Colorgraf Aritma 512 (HP 7475A compatible) OrCAD 386 HTML plotter output correction for plotting directly on copper.

Fluor tube starterFluor tube starter
Description of starter of fluor tube lamp. Not completed...

Passive cooler for pentiumPassive cooler for overclocked procesor.

UR4 - an interface for ZX SpectrumUR4 - an interface for ZX Spectrum.

Colorgraf Aritma 512Colorgraf Aritma 512 Decription of cabels and drivers for this plotter.

Minigraf / Amagraf A 507
Connecting set Minigraf - PC

XY4140 and XY4150
Some programs for plotters XY41XX.

HP 200 LX HP 200 LX Palmtop
Cable and communication

Fiber Optics and FSO

Antennas and active hardware for data transfer

Alix and Intel Johnstown


EEPROM programmerEEPROM Programmer and reader of serial EEPROM memories.

SondaSONDA This is actually 8 bit A/D converter, connected via RS232 line to PC.

Sound cardSOUND One of periferies for ZX Spectrum 128 +2A. It is very simple sound card with four channels equipped with resistor D/A converter based on R-2R resistor net.

PC900VFast serial interface This is a part of SONDA design. Just optocoupler/isolator circuit architecture.

Pic84 programmerPROG84 Programmer and reader of PIC16C84 microprocessor.

Power supply for CB transmitterZDROJTRF Simple power supply designed for my civil band transmitter Elix GIANT.

KladivoKladivo A periphery for my Speccy. Allows to break a program and to run another one from external RAM.

KladivoVideo-signal generator WITH PIC16C84.

Resetator A PC watchdog that generates reset when the observed signal dissapears (comp is frozen).


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