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Česká verze


Ibanez I'm not sure if there is a meaning of complete translation this page to english. You can find here mainly czech and slovak music. I like a lot of different music styles and I play the acoustic quitar.
Zpěvník Songs which I like I've arranged to a songbook which you can download. Only the first part is completed.
If you will miss a song here you can look for it in OLGA OLGA Archiv písniček or Doug's songbook Doug electronic songbook. There you'll find what you look for.

Next songs are in my songbooks but not well ordered, so I've decided to put them to the following table. There is only czech and slovak music. My CD index you can see here.

Author, singer or content Number of songs
Jaroslav Ježek / Jiří Voskovec, Jan Werich 11
Miki Ryvola 29
Wabi Ryvola 17
Ivan Mládek 11
Pohromadě na přehradě 12
Nadoraz 7
Večerka 22
Šedifka (Duo Komáři) 3
Limonádový Joe 6
Balada pro banditu 3
Jiří Schelinger 9
Peter Lipa 7
Tramp Evergreen Band 6
Ponožky pana Semtamťuka 4
Sputnik 1
Tabulatury 2

My musical instruments

My instruments Would you fancy to look at my instruments? They are old but mine...
How to tune in a guitar If you have an untunable guitar don't give up and look at my page with a description of POSSIBLE improvement.

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